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Omni-Wool Tactical socks are manufactured by Crescent Sock Company in Niota, TN. Crescent was founded in 1902 by James L. Burn and continues to operate today under the leadership of his fourth generation family. With our vast experience of over 100 years in business, we pride ourselves on producing high quality socks for a variety of uses.


Using superior raw materials, state-of-the-art equipment and quality craftsmanship Crescent's socks deliver superlative comfort, quality, durability and functionality. The Merino Wool used in our Tactical sock line comes from American Sheep, and is the finest quality yarn available on the market today.

Crescent developed Omni-Wool Tactical with the desire to create the best possible socks for our brave Men and Women in uniform. With over 100 years of sock making experience, no one has been doing it longer, and no one does it better!

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