The complete Omni-Wool Tactical Sock System - Designed to keep you on your feet and operating at full speed regardless of conditions.


The Systems are designed to give you the freedom to select the best layer/layers for any situation, based on climate, activity, and personal preference.


6-Pair System includes:

2 - Ultra-Lighter Liners

2 - Assault Crew

2 - Extreme-Cold Arctic Utility Boot 


12-Pair System includes:

3 - Ultra-Lighter Liners

3 - Endurance Quarters

3 - Assault Crew

3 - Extreme-Cold Arctic Utility Boot 

The OWT System

$120.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price

Small:           Women's 4-7

Medium:       Men's 6-9

                         Women's 7-10

Large:             Men's 9-12

                          Women's 10+

Extra-Large: Mens 12+

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